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More than 40% of all tickets are now solved without any human involvement. Certainly has helped my startup scale and expand from Denmark to Norway and Sweden. By automating part of our customer support, we managed to answer requests quicker and most importantly, around the clock. Use those insights to improve user experience and internal processes.

conversational ecommerce chatbot

Everyone who visits your ecommerce website is a potential customer. As long as you have good products or services and great content, an AI chatbot can engage with your visitors and turn them into leads. With the right insights in hand, you’ll be well equipped to bring conversation into the heart of your CX.

Benefits of Using a Multilingual Chatbot for eCommerce

So if your eCommerce store runs on Shopify, this is the tool you should check out. They also provide a lot of chatbot examples you could use in creating your own. It’s created by X.ai, launched in 2014, and is super versatile.

They answer questions, offer information, and recommend new products and or services. Ecommerce chatbots are computer programs that interact with website users in real time. They provide customer service, answer questions, recommend products, gather feedback, and track engagement. Ecommerce chatbot solutions include a range of tools and platforms to create chatbot virtual assistants for assisting online retail businesses with customer service and selling products. Ecommerce chatbot software range from custom development initiatives to managed service and GUI software platforms.

eCommerce Solutions, 1 Platform

The StyleBot is an AI chatbot that allows enthusiasts to find shoes based on their preferences via product recommendations. It provides the users to create their own personalized shoe designs. After designing their own shoes, customers had the option to share it or even buy it. Conversational chatbot platform for ecommerce helps designing bots that ensures that you are able to provide the right answers, at the right time, on the right platform.

Unlike some of the other bots in this list, the Insomnobot-3000 is a purely customer engagement bot with no direct sales directives. That said, this chatbot did bring thousands of valuable warm leads to the business for retargeting. Thanks to Сonversational AI, chatbots are now capable of understanding contexts, intentions, and handling multiple questions or deviations from the main topic flawlessly. Businesses are deploying different types of chatbots including sales, market research, and customer engagement chatbots. The benefit of chatbots like these as they run on pre-programmed commands or scripts. They’ve been designed to identify specific words and respond to simple questions.

Chatbots for eCommerce help you offer customers the best possible experience on your web store. Help them find the right purchase with product information search directly through an automated chatbot conversation. Pop-up chat bubbles or personalized chatbot surveys can help turn website visitors into paying customers. Chatbots allow conversational ecommerce chatbot users to interact with a business through a chat interface. They’ve been used quite commonly on websites and messaging platforms, but they’ve become widespread on eCommerce sites more recently. These bots can be rule-based, following a “choose-your-own-adventure” logic, and sometimes they use artificial intelligence technology.


The key is to provide the right combination to meet the unique needs of your customers and your company. 390 million users in India alone and with the launch of WhatsApp Business API, ecommerce businesses now have conversational ecommerce chatbot an opportunity to tap into this user base for marketing. You can use a hybrid chatbot to collect customer information, provide product information or direct them to your site based on what they’re looking for.

Customer Support Chatbot Development Service for Ecommerce

Whole Foods launched a really popular bot that sends recipes, product recommendations, and cooking inspiration to the user. It drives users to their site and makes a really interactive online user experience. Customers want to purchase and communicate with an eCommerce company via chat because it provides such a better and more effective way to find the answers they need. Chatbots really help online retailers communicate their brand values and brand voice in a succinct and creative way.

conversational ecommerce chatbot

Chatbots can help re-engage your customers and help increase the conversion rates of your advertising campaigns, email marketing and web traffic. Chatbots are programmed to give instant pre-set answers to user’s words, phrases or questions. They can be displayed on a company’s site or on a social media platform. There are a ton of different social media platforms where you can use chatbots. In order to provide the best results, conversational commerce Chatbots and web pages should be able to talk to each other. Conversations are triggered by particular factors such as scrolling over certain products or adding them to the basket, as well as by hesitating at checkout.